Dane Buy Local staff continues to support our members during the Coronavirus outbreak, however, we are doing so from our homes. If you need to reach us, contact Colin at colin@danebuylocal.com or 608-712-3440. 

Thank you for understanding our desire to keep everyone healthy.


Please consider donating to help support small businesses and our local economy during this time.  We are all in this together.

Thank you Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce for providing:

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Resources & COVID-19 Updates

Help Support Local Businesses - Shop Your Neighborhood!

Dane Buy Local's Neighborhood Passport 2020

August 7-16


Help support local businesses through the Dane Buy Local Neighborhood Passport 2020. As businesses are re-opening, let's help welcome them back!

Each participating business will be listed in the Neighborhood Passport, which encourages the public to visit your business. Instead of each business providing a small free gift to each visitor, a passport holder simply has to spend a minimum of $10 at five different businesses during the period August 7-16, then they submit an entry form with their receipts to be entered into a drawing for a valuable prize. Multiple prizes will be given, and a passport holder may enter more than once (five unique receipts for five unique businesses per entry). Passports are free to the public.

Prizes include:

A Clean Carpet: Gift Certificate - $99 Value 

Brother’s Main: Gift Certificate - $250 Value 

The Chocolate Shoppe: Swag Bag - Priceless! 

Coachman’s Golf: All Day Golf with cart - $75 Value 

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Dream Lanes Bowling: Gift Certificate - $50 Value 

Flyght Indoor Cycling: Gift Certificate - $75 Value 

Graphite: iPad - $450 Value Julia Grace Hair Salon: Gift Certificate - $75 Value 

Liliana’s Restaurant: Gift Certificate - $25 Value 

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Metcalfe’s Market: Gift Basket - $400 Value 

Optimal Health Center: Gift Certificate - $50 Value






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Join other businesses for a webinar EVERY MONDAY at 10 am CT.

Monday, August 3

Re-opening local businesses after shut down 


As we look forward to finding our 'new normal', we'll talk with John Hayes, owner of Goodman's Jewelers in Madison. We'll talk about what he went through when his businesses was looted following protests in downtown Madison and how he and his store are doing now.


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Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 896 3651 7214

Password: 611452

Phone:  312 626 6799 

Zoom Link



The Dane Buy Local fundraiser Eat Local, Give Local event will be held Thursday, September 24, 2020 and is sponsored by Monona Bank.

When diners come to your restaurant you agree to provide 10% of the total sales for the day back to Dane Buy Local.

Dane Buy Local will place over $10,000 in media advertising leading up to the event. In addition, each participating restaurant will receive 25 menu cards, 25 table tents, and 2 posters to place in your business.

600 Dane Buy Local Members locally owned businesses keep our neighborhoods VITAL & our economy STRONG.

LOCAL BUSINESSES are able to recirculate money in the community over 3.5 times MORE than non-local companies.

This builds a STRONG LOCAL ECONOMY. We appreciate your support.


Dane County Small Business Pandemic Support Grant Program

Applications are now closed.  

Please contact Colin Murray at colin@danebuylocal.com with any questions.

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  • Is the business located in Dane County?

  • Is this a legitimate business?

  • Is the applicant a business owned by a person of color or woman-owned? 

  • Is the business vital to the community?

  • Could their need be filled from some other source? (EIDL, PPP, Unemployment Comp, etc). 

  • Was the business healthy and stable prior to pandemic?

Member Breakfast
Tue, Sep 08
Sep 08, 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Join us virtually for breakfast and networking!
Membership Orientation
Tue, Sep 08
Refresh yourself on the benefits of membership to Dane Buy Local with Executive Director, Colin Murray!


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Dane Buy Local, Inc. 

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(608) 729-7342 colin@danebuylocal.com

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